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South Shore & Confederation Bridge

Confederation Bridge and Scenic South Shore

4 Hours

  • Confederation Bridge

  • Victoria By-the-Sea

  • Artist Studios and Chocolate Shop*

  • Picturesque family farms

  • Historic Charlottetown

*Will depend on the season.

Our tour begins with a brief introduction to Charlottetown’s history, Island geography and fun facts! A map to follow along is included.

Our route will take us through the scenic Prince Edward Island countryside. Our first stop will be to catch a close up view of our world famous 13 km Confederation Bridge. This unique construction spans over open water that freezes in the winter time.

We continue with a stop at the historic, quaint seaside village of Victoria-By-The-Sea. Then it’s on to the historic end of Charlottetown, known to Islanders as “old Charlottetown”. An opportunity to visit the Lieutenant Governor’s House overlooking the Charlottetown waterfront will be a highlight of the tour. Other historic stops may be done as time allows.

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