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Green Gables & Confederation Bridge

Tour Includes:

  • Anne of Green Gables National Historic Site

  • Scenic North Shore & Rustico Fishing Village

  • National Park – drive through

  • Confederation Bridge

  • Victoria By the Sea

  • Historic Charlottetown

Optional Add On: Seafood Meal (*Additional Price)

Our tour begins with a brief introduction to Charlottetown’s history, Island geography and fun facts!. A map to follow along is included.

Our route takes us through the scenic countryside.

Our first scheduled stop is the picturesque fishing harbour of North Rustico. We'll talk about Island oyster and mussel farming. Next we'll see one of our beautiful red sandy beaches and picture perfect harbours with a stop at the iconic Rotating House.

As we continue we'll enjoy the view of the world famous Cavendish Beach. In Cavendish, we'll make a stop at the Green Gables National Historic Site. It's all about Anne of Green Gables, a book known world wide and written by Island author Lucy Maud Montgomery. As we leave the site you'll get to enjoy more of the brilliant green rolling hills and seaside views as we wind our way back to the city of Charlottetown.

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